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to Free. Filled. Favored.

Hey Sis,

Life is hard at times, but God is faithful ALL the time. His covenant of unconditional and eternal love for us is the very foundation that paves the road to our freedom. We’ve each had experiences that at times have left us feeling emotionally and spiritually depleted, stuck in unhealthy cycles, and trying to make sense of the emptiness that prevents us from appreciating the beauty and the blessings in each day.

May I remind you of an amazing promise from God? God is with you always…in the starts and stops, the frills and the flops—he’s there in every changing season of your life. He will never leave you nor forsake you. His continual presence is right there with you to comfort and guide you as you courageously put in the fruitful work of pressing through it all. So, go ahead! Be bold in breaking free from the guilt, shame, fears and doubts that linger from those most troubling times in life. Be encouraged as you yearn for more of him and his presence to fill you in every dry and thirsting place. Be grateful as you learn to live confidently in the overflow of his amazing favor.


On your freedom-journey, I hope that this site is a useful resource that supports your next steps of living free, filled and favored


Walking this path with you…


Who We Are

We are just every day chicks trying to live our best lives in the fullness and freedom that Christ declared is ours. 

Our Vision

We envision every woman living her life on earth free from the cares of this world, filled with joy and peace, and convinced that she is divinely favored. 

Tina Robertson

Tina is just your every day chick who loves getting to know and being inspired by other every day chicks of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds.  She is a Christ-follower who seeks to know God more intimately each day and live out His will over hers. Tina is a student and teacher of God's word; she also serves as a decision counselor in her church community.  She is a licensed clinical social worker and a mental health therapist and trainer.  Tina is a forever-Hoosier, but lives in Texas ... so she calls herself a Hexan.

Welcome to Free. Filled. Favored!

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